Our Mission

At RootSource Fundraising, we empower nonprofit agencies to build the fund development and organizational systems they need to sustain and grow their services for the community. 

We can provide your agency with:

  • Professional grant and publication writing;
  • Government grant writing and contract compliance;
  • Organizational capacity building;
  • Fund development, program and strategic planning; or
  • Customized Board and Staff trainings.

RootSource can help your agency in meeting its critical fundraising and organizational goals

What do you need to help your nonprofit?

We have a solid track record of developing successful foundation boilerplates and/or government proposals and attachments that can help you raise the funds you need.


We have experience in developing winning grant applications and effective monitoring protocols that can help you achieve you contract compliance goals successfully.


Our professional writing and graphics skills will help you clearly convey your agency’s purpose and programs to your constituency and donors.


We can coordinate your Board and Staff into a cohesive team and facilitate a planning process that will develop a fundraising, program or strategic plan to meet your agency’s vital goals.


We can help with trainings that will clarify your Board’s responsibilities and help them understand the important role they must play in your organization’s fundraising endeavors.